Which Facial Device is Right For You?
When you’re looking for a facial device to make your skin look younger, a microcurrent device
may be the right choice skin tightening and lifting device. Microcurrent treatments are known to improve collagen production and
diminish fine lines and wrinkles. They also stimulate lymphatic fluid, which means they’re great
for reducing puffiness and giving your skin a tauter appearance. To find out which facial device is
right for you, read this guide. Then, get started by comparing prices.

Which LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Device is Right for You?
You may be wondering if a Microcurrent facial device is right for you. This treatment is popular in
spas and you can even purchase a home device. Microcurrent therapy works to firm up skin and
define the jaw line. You can use this device daily for a few minutes at a time to see results.
However, it is important to note that the collagen-boosting effects of microcurrent take time to
develop. You may not see the same results with a Microcurrent facial treatment as you would
with a professional.
The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in LightStim facial devices emit different wavelengths of light
that are beneficial for various skin issues. The light helps to increase collagen production,
reduce undereye puffiness, and stimulate circulation. It also kills acne bacteria. The devices are
safe and effective, and are FDA-cleared for face and body treatment. Each LED produces its
own unique benefit, which you can learn about here.

What facial cleansing device is right for you? | CurrentBody
The Ziip facial device uses two kinds of currents to treat different parts of the face. The
microcurrent stimulates the top layers of the skin, while the nanocurrent delivers energy deeper
in the muscles. Microcurrents and nanocurrents are bioidentical, and the intensity of the currents
are the same. The gel contains active peptides and human growth factors, so the device is said
to make your skin look younger.
PureLift Face
The PureLift Face is a non-invasive face lift that uses patented Frequency technology to activate
and elevate facial muscles. The device uses a high-frequency component to create strong
muscle activation, and has been adopted by leading skincare brands worldwide. The result is a
fuller face in just 10 minutes. In fact, the PureLift Face is the perfect warm-up tool for before a
cardio workout.
The NuFace facial device is a simple to use at-home product. You simply apply conductive gel
on your face, then glide the device up and down the contours of your jawline, cheeks, and neck.
You should use it for at least three minutes per day to achieve optimal results. You should avoid

using NuFace on dry skin, as it can cause the metal ball tips to tug. The product’s manual
includes helpful tips and techniques for using the device.