Embroidered Baby Blankets-A Perfect Gift For Your New Born!

When it is about your new born, you want nothing but the best! Ranging from clothes, toys, food, food products, right till their cribs and beddings babyjourney, everything has to define comfort for the baby. Baby blankets are one such thing, right after their clothing that remains in close contact with their skin and a lot of their well being depends on them. There is a wide range of baby blankets available in the market from embroidered baby blankets, to personalized and customized ones. 

From the ones that are made in super soft fur to the ones that are made of fleece or breathable cable knit, your options are endless. What you need to know is basically what you are looking for. The high-quality baby blankets that are easily available everywhere today are super warm and extremely soft and gentle against your baby’s skin. Most of them are also made of materials that are recommended by doctors for the new born babies or the infants. Buy a beautifully embroidered baby blanket for your baby that will be a keepsake for him.

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Materials used in embroidered baby blankets

  • Fleece
  • Fur (super soft)
  • Breathable cable knit
  • Dimple fabric
  • Mink
  • Satin

The materials used in the blankets not only make them warm and comfortable but also easy to maintain and take care. Materials such as fur can be easily hand washed or even machine washed in cold water and then dried in shade. There is no need to bleach or dry clean them or also to iron them. A plain wash in gentle soap can keep them looking like new for years and hygienic as well.

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While there are several designs available in the market, it is highly recommended you look online for customized designs. There are several websites where you can customize a piece of blanket right from the material used in them, their color, their print or the embroidery. Choose from a wide variety of colors ranging from hot pink, turquoise, lime and gold to simpler ones like black, white or grey. As for the designs, you can choose prints, patch work or embroidery. There are a host of animal prints, graphics, cartoons or simple ones where you can get the name of your baby embroidered or printed on the blanket and it becomes a keepsake!

These embroidered blankets can also form a perfect gift whether the occasion is a birthday, a baby shower, christening or one that does not require any special reason. You can choose a blanket that you like and get it personalized either with the name of the baby or just their initials. They are available in the most beautiful and attractive colors both for boys and girls and materials that are sure to be gentle and soft against your baby’s skin. A customized gift such as this one is not only useful but is cherished for years to come by anyone who receives it.